Yamaha U3A Upright Piano - Silent

Full-Upright or Professional Upright piano that delivers excellent tone, fantastic, responsive action. Made in Japan, by Yamaha, this is a enlarged professional model  in immaculate condition. Excellent tone, professional, responsive touch. The original hammers show no signs of significant use! 

  • Made in Japan
  • An exceptional choice for the serious pianist.
  • Black ebony finish
  • Excellent condition. Like new
  • Tuned in concert pitch (440).
  • Yamaha ultra responsive action
  • Regulated.
  • Beautiful rich sound, excellent touch and response.
  • Extended Warranty 10 years, free delivery and tuning for Toronto and GTA buyers.
  • Matching adjustable bench
Silent Pianos offer the same sound, as standard instrument, but with the ability to play entirely without externally audible sound - only the player hears their performance. This makes them ideal for practice rooms, homes where practicing during daytime hours isn't always convenient and studios (thanks to their audio and MIDI connectivity).
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